New for 2021
This year, we are adding one of our favorite house plants to the offerings on hand. These are not the same as the African Violets that you have seen in  grocery stores and hardware stores.  Those poor plants have been produced by the thousands, and then shipped long distances. They lose their variety name along the way...AND they have been over-fertilized and chemically "pushed" to produce fast flowers for a quick sale. They frequently don't do well in a normal home environment because they were stressed, and then mishandled.
Merrymeeting Daylilies
Cathy and Amanda Turner
80 Tash Road
New Durham, NH, 03855
Merrymeeting Violets!
On the other hand...."homegrown violets" are a "whole other story"! During the summer and fall of 2020, while coping with some sort of "pandemic-induced plant growing frenzy", Cathy bought several dozen African Violet leaves from growers all over the world. Selecting varieties for interesting blooms, and fascinating variegated foliage, and exploring the world of miniatures, was just what she needed. When little packages of leaves from Canada, and Russia, and Germany (and Florida!) started to arrive in the mail, Cathy settled them into recycled (and labeled) ketchup cups and take-out containers. 
Each plant will have it's proper registered variety name, so that you can look it up in our catalog, or on-line, and know exactly what you have. Each is dated with the last time it was repotted. Both adults and babies (in ketchup cups!) will be on offer. Variegated foliage of all types will be available, as "splashy foliage" is something that Cathy enjoys even more than the flowers. Printed care and feeding instructions will be available, but if you need more info you will find that the Internet and You-Tube are absolutely stuffed with advice for a successful growing experience. 
And with "home-grown violets", you will have the BEST possible start.
Prices are as follows....adults in "proper" pots are $10 each, or 3 for $25. This includes both standard varieties and miniatures. Babies in ketchup cups are $5 each, or three for $12...also including standards and miniatures.

There will also be a selection of plants with wicks embedded in the soil that allow for easy watering from an outer cup, mostly set up in mason jars. These will be individually priced.
Months later, little plants started to grow from those leaves. When each batch of babies was big enough, they were separated from the mother leaf, and individually replanted into MORE ketchup cups. It's precise, but oddly satisfying, work as more and more little cups were added to the growing shelves. 
When they outgrow their baby cups, they get replanted yet again into actual pots that are appropriate to each individual's requirements, according to variety.
By early spring, Cathy had to accept the fact that as much as she enjoyed them, there was no need for her to have ten plants (or more) of 27 different varieties! Amanda suggested selling them...and here we are!
For questions regarding the violets, please call 
207-613-6844, and leave a message. This is a new phone number, so bear with me if something goes wrong! Try again!