Merrymeeting Daylilies
350 varieties and counting...
Les Turner
80 Tash Road (formerly Old Route 11)
New Durham, NH, 03855

The Merrymeeting Daylilies collection began with two gift classic daylilies (about 40 years ago) and has grown into the current collection, mostly "the best of the best" added from other New England and Florida collections. 
All daylilies sold by Merrymeeting Daylilies have grown in the collection for at least two years in our Zone 4 conditions, many for more than 20 years. Cultivars which demonstrated poor growth or insufficient blossoming potential for our rugged New Hampshire weather quickly found a new home in our compost heap. 

While we retain and proudly grow a selection of early hybrids and some "species" daylilies, we also include many fine recent cultivars from the gardens of Stamile, Reilly, Trimmer, and others from Florida. Our collection also includes exceptional hybrids from several hybridizers working in the northern US.

The modern daylily is as much changed from the original as is a modern car from a curved-dash Olds. The desirable features of hardiness, variety of colors, vigor and good plant appearance have been retained and improved upon in most of the best new cultivars.
A man (Les Turner) "out standing" in his field...
Included in the Merrymeeting collection also are most of the remarkable cultivars of a local hybridizer, now deceased, Ron Valente. We also continue to raise and sell a few Les Turner unregistered hybrids, included in the Merrymeeting daylily collection with the prefix "Merrymeeting". 
Les Turner is a retired teacher and college dean. Sales from his daylily collection help to support his hobby of finding the newest and best daylilies. He likes to grow them for a few years and, IF they pass his requirements for hardiness and beauty, he enjoys sharing them with other gardeners. He believes that such terrific plants should be in gardens everywhere. Educating new gardeners, and exposing them to the amazing variety found in daylilies also makes it all worthwhile. So many people new to the hobby do not realize that daylilies come in so many forms and colors.
Hours of Operation
From July 1 to September 1
Wed to Sun. 10 am to 6 pm

Other hours by arrangement or chance....
Please note...the town of New Durham recently changed the name of our road from 
"Old Route 11" to "Tash Road". 

MapQuest and some GPS units do not recognize "Tash Road" yet, so you may have to enter "Old Route 11" until everyone gets caught up!
If you are coming from a distance, please call first to be sure we are open. Our hours vary sometimes, depending on the weather and other commitments.
Ruby Spider
Strutter's Ball
Big Kiss
The heaviest blooms in years!
......and definitely NOT going out of business, despite rumors otherwise!!

Please see the article below.
On July 14 , 2016 The Baysider (a fine local newspaper) published my article “The Plant that keeps on Giving” in which I had written that despite my gift of many hundreds of daylilies to Girl Scouts, churches, garden clubs, and other fund raisers, I still had more daylilies (and weeds) than my old and sleepy body could maintain. I also noted that my latest terrific long-term (5 year) helper would soon be off to college. I also offered plants to any non-profit organization to utilize my plants to raise funds.

The result?-Two days later the rumor mill was reporting that Merrymeeting Daylilies is closing. NOT SO FAST! NOT TRUE!!!! While it is true that we have reorganized, that we have divided and transplanted some of our inventory into pots with parent plants nearby displaying their beauty, this has been for the dual purpose of (1) reducing labor on hot sweaty afternoons and (2) providing customers with stronger garden-ready plants.

Less space is dedicated to multiple in-ground plants, which in turn gives us the opportunity to offer potted companion plants or to simply grow something new for fun . For example, this year Clancy planted 400 square feet into various sizes of sunflowers for the bees and butterflies, and later for the birds.

Another advantage is that we can reduce our inventory of reserve clumps of daylilies, which simplifies weeding, feeding and watering tasks. AND MAKES A CLUMP SALE POSSIBLE. At this point sales are proceeding, gardens are overwhelmingly colorful and fragrant-this last a result of a half-dozen tall handsome hybrid star-gazers and a few other hybrid lilies.

Potted/rooted/garden-ready daylily (any in-stock variety) $15.00

Standard 2-3 fan division-(all varieties same price) $15.00

Small clump-4-8 fans $25

Large clump-8-12 fans $35

Orders of 3 plants or more will earn a bonus of your choice of an in-ground daylily clump. (As long as these are available)

Digging and dividing can usually be accomplished for immediate sale. But variables such as size of order, available help, and temperature, may require ordering and later pickup.