"The modern daylily is as much changed from the original as is a modern car from a curved-dash Olds. The desirable features of hardiness, variety of colors, vigor and good plant appearance have been retained and improved upon in most of the best new cultivars."       
 Les Turner

"Cultivars which demonstrated poor growth or insufficient blossoming potential for our rugged New Hampshire weather quickly found a new home in our compost heap."
Strutter's Ball
Merrymeeting Daylilies
Cathy and Amanda Turner
Down East Royal
Elegance of Summer
wedding ring not included...It's a size reference!
Destined To
Knights in 
White Satin
South Seas
Fooled Me
Most of the plants in this list of cultivars can be viewed in our gardens as mature specimen plants in the ground, and are available also as well-rooted, blooming or near-blooming potted plants. 

Some of the new arrivals on the list are pending further increase, and thus are not available for sale at this time.

Accidental Tourist
All Shook Up
Alabama Jubilee
Always Afternoon
American Revolution
Anchors Aweigh
Annette's Magic
Arms Reaching Out
Baby Blue
Bali Watercolor
Bama Bound
Bama Girl Tee
Barbara Mitchell
Barnegat Light
Better Late Than Never
Big Kiss
Blue Venom
Bodega Bay
Bold Tiger
Bonibrae on Fire
Boogie My Woogie Baby
Born To Be Wild
Bright Sunset
Brilliant Pink Purple
Buddy's Wild and Wonderful
Bull Durham
Burgundy Twister
Buttered Popcorn
Carmen Renee
Carol Todd
Castle Camelot
Catapult Sam
Celtic Thunder
Cimarron Rose
Creature of the Night
Custard Candy
Dalai Llama
Debbie's Vows
Destined to See
Diane O'Connell
Diva on Edge
Double Sun
Down East Lady
Down East Royal
Drinkin’ Ink Splink
Elegance of Summer
Emerald Jewel
Ethel Shepherd
Even Stevens
Evil Gnome
Eyes of Maine
First Twilight
Fooled Me
Forty Days and Forty Nights
Frances Joiner
Francis of Assisi
Frozen Margarita
Garden Show
God's Handiwork
Goody Goody Gumdrops
Grape Twizzler
Handwriting On The Wall
Hard Times
Hawaiian Dancer
Heavenly Angel Ice
Henrietta McIntyre
Her Majesty's Wizard
I Can Only Imagine
Indian Giver
Indian Ripple
Isabelle Maraffi
Jackie Onassis
John Pelham
Julius Caesar
Jungle Fever
Karen Sue
Karen's Curls
Kisses Like Wine
Kristen Dalton
Kyoto Swan
Last Man Standing
Laura Harwood
Lee Reinke
Lily Munster
Linda's Magic
Lindy's Twirl
Loose Reins
Lotsa Dots
Love Those Eyes
LT Light Lilac
LT Lilac
LT Pink and White
Marietta Charmer
Marietta Star Dancer
Marque Moon
Mary Todd
Melissa Begnaud
Memories of Saratoga
Meringe Mirage
Merrymeeting Amanda
Merrymeeting Pumpkin Sunset
Merrymeeting Sophie
Mighty Chestnut
Moonlit Masquerade
Mulberry Charm
Mystic Firebird
Nights in White Satin
North Wind Dancer
Norwegian Wood
Notify Ground Crew
Now and Zen
Old King Cole
Old Time Memories
Orange Clown
Origin Stories
Ottis Leonard
Out East
Out of Sane
Patsy Carpenter
Peggy Jeffcoat
Prairie Wildfire
Predatory Flamingo
Primal Scream
Priscilla's Dream
Purple Many Faces
Rainbow Candy
Ranger Bob
Redefined Design
Red Hot Daddy
Red Suspenders
Rock Candy
Rock Solid
Rocket City
Roses in Snow
Ruby Spider
Sandra Elizabeth
Secret Crush
Sense of Wonder
Siloam Peony Display
Sir Modred
Small World Twister
So Many Rivers
South Seas
Spider Miracle
Star of India
Stargate Explorer
Stargate Portal
Strutters Ball
Sunday River
Suzy Cream Cheese
Swedish Girl
Texas Heatwave
Time Wizard
Top Guns Lola Scott
Toucan Sam
Tuscawilla Tigress
Tuxedo Whiskers
Twist and Shout
Venn's Fire
Violet Vibrations
Waves Become Wings
Wednesday's Child
When My Sweetheart Returns
Wind Master
Winds of Love
Wonder Of It All
Wren Song
Zip Boom Bah

The list below was our inventory in 2020. We are currently working on a new inventory, but have to wait and see what comes up 
thru the Spring. 

The new inventory will be posted as soon as it is complete!