"The modern daylily is as much changed from the original as is a modern car from a curved-dash Olds. The desirable features of hardiness, variety of colors, vigor and good plant appearance have been retained and improved upon in most of the best new cultivars."       
 Les Turner

"Cultivars which demonstrated poor growth or insufficient blossoming potential for our rugged New Hampshire weather quickly found a new home in our compost heap."
Strutter's Ball
Merrymeeting Daylilies
Cathy and Amanda Turner

Down East Royal
Elegance of Summer
wedding ring not included...It's a size reference!
Destined To
Fooled Me
Well, we tried several times to get a good, accurate, inventory compiled for this page, in 2022.

But we were getting new plants in, and selling current inventory, and re-arranging rows to make things easier to find...AND having a banner sales year!

 It was like "trying to nail Jello to a tree"! So, no inventory list at the moment. We may yet find a way to create one, but we are still trying to figure that out.
The price for MOST of our plants is $15.00, potted/rooted/garden-ready...
but some varieties WILL VARY based on rarity, pot-size, and availability.

We will no longer be digging for immediate sale. If we do not have the plant you want in a pot already, but do have it in the ground, we will gladly take your name and phone number and dig it later. We will call you when it is ready for pick-up.

After examining our stock, and evaluating a variety of other factors, we have decided to take a break this year. We will not be opening for regular business hours. Please give us a call if you would like to stop by. We can be open by appointment fairly easily, with a little advance notice.

Thank you.