Merrymeeting Daylilies
Cathy and Amanda Turner
80 Tash Road
New Durham, NH, 03855

The Merrymeeting Daylilies collection began with two gift classic daylilies (about 40 years ago) and has grown into the current collection, mostly "the best of the best" added from other New England and Florida collections. 
All daylilies sold by Merrymeeting Daylilies have grown in the collection for at least two years in our Zone 4 conditions, many for more than 20 years. Cultivars which demonstrated poor growth or insufficient blossoming potential for our rugged New Hampshire weather quickly found a new home in our compost heap. 

While we retain and proudly grow a selection of early hybrids and some "species" daylilies, we also include many fine recent cultivars from the gardens of Stamile, Reilly, Trimmer, and others from Florida. Our collection also includes exceptional hybrids from several hybridizers working in the northern US.
A man (Les Turner) "out standing" in his field...
We also continue to raise and sell a few "Les Turner unregistered hybrids", included in the Merrymeeting daylily collection with the prefix "Merrymeeting". 
Les Turner was a retired college dean. Sales from his daylily collection help to support his hobby of finding the newest and best daylilies. He liked to grow them for a few years and, IF they passed his requirements for hardiness and beauty, he enjoyed sharing them with other gardeners. He believed that such terrific plants should be in gardens everywhere. Educating new gardeners, and exposing them to the amazing variety found in daylilies also made it all worthwhile. So many people new to the hobby do not realize that daylilies come in so many forms and colors.
NEW Hours of Operation for 2021
From MAY 1 to September 1
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  10 am to 5 pm

Other hours can be arranged, but please call ahead!
If you are coming from a distance, please call first to be sure we are open. Our hours vary sometimes, depending on the weather and other commitments.
Big Kiss

We will no longer be digging for immediate sale. If we do not have the plant you want in a pot already, but do have it in the ground, we will gladly take your name and phone number and dig it later. We will call you when it is ready for pick-up.

Les at the Alton Home Show, 2019
Les's hands, and adult plants of two very different varieties of hosta.
Creature of the Night
Peony with FIVE bees!
As you may have already heard, Les Turner passed away at his home last October.

After a little reflection, and a large number of conversations (both before and after his passing), his daughters have decided that the daylily show must go on...and Merrymeeting Daylilies WILL be open for 2021, pandemic be darned.

By the time we open on MAY 1, both of us will be fully vaccinated, and the business is run entirely outdoors. We will be observing social distancing, and will also cheerfully put on masks if you would be more comfortable with that while visiting us. But given the heat, and the sweatiness of masks in general, we will not be wearing 
masks routinely.

There will be a new catalog and locator list this year, since our inventory has changed a bit. Please give us a call if you have any questions! 
We have had so many phone calls and visitors already that we have decided to open on MAY 1, instead of our original plan for June 1. We may be a little rough around the edges here and there, but the plants are looking good!
The price for MOST of our plants is $15.00, potted/rooted/garden-ready...
but some varieties WILL VARY based on rarity, pot-size, and availability.