Merrymeeting Daylilies
Cathy and Amanda Turner
80 Tash Road
New Durham, NH, 03855
All pictures were taken by Les at Merrymeeting Daylilies.
Clancy with Belladonna Starfish
Cactus Jack
Eyes of Maine
Longfield's Twins
Daylilies to go!
All pictures were taken at Merrymeeting Daylilies.
 Wild One
Ruby Spider
Karen Sue
Rock Solid
Knife's Edge
Great grand daughter Evie, and a British butterfly.
Les, with
 "Notify Ground Crew". 

That is one tall daylily!
Ready to go the their new homes...
Les in his office...with company.
Lily Munster...Cathy's new favorite!
Accidental Tourist
Ranger Bob
Saint Francis of the Ferns
Clancy installing daylilies in Alton
Copper Kettle peony
Body Rub
Elegance of Summer
Ethel Shepherd
Highland Lord
Joe Pye Weed
Karen Sue
Kyoto Swan
Marque Moon
Merrymeeting Pumpkin Sunset, a short, heavy, bloomer.
Prairie Wildfire
Rock Solid
Roots intact, budded, and ready to travel!
Ruby Spider
Sunday River
Some local spring color...lady slippers!
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